Tuesday, January 31, 2017

At It Again!!

          Here I am again. I has been a few months since I have posted on here. A lot has been going on and it has kept me from sitting down for long periods of time to blog about my day. I think that I have finally got in the grove of things (I usually say this and then something new happens to just throw me me off). As far as the changes in my life, I started a new job, I have gained most of the weight I lost back, and I would like to proudly say that we are expecting our second child, in just 4 short months. 
I already have 7 month, so with them being so close together "YAY!".  I am excited but it has been a little bit of a struggle getting use to.  We are having another girl, and so it is really nice already having everything that we need, except for needing another car seat and a double stroller/double jogging stroller.  Also, like I mentioned  I started a new job. I absolutely love it. It has been the best job I have had by far. I can't deal with a stressful job. It definitely does not help with my health! 

         Which is the next thing that I wanted to talk about, my health. I have been struggling to get on track with my eating. I can do it for a couple of weeks and then just relapse, and the next thing I know I have gained back most of the weight, if not more than I just worked so hard to lose. Then I just get super depressed and then I binge eat. It is like a snowball affect for me. One thing after another. It's getting pretty old.
Having gained back to almost 300 lbs it has been really depressing for me. I think about all these ways I can get this weight off but actually doing it stresses me out like no one's business. While I am at work I can do just fine, I normally take a package of tuna and some fruit and I do just fine, but as soon as I get home, I start eating like crazy. I usually have pretty healthy stuff at home but it never sounds good so I always just run to the closest fast food. I know that I can't be doing this but no matter what I do I can't stop myself.

     So far today I have done relatively good. I am going to make a better choice for dinner tonight, and actually eating at home

So, here begins a new journey to a healthier and better me! Also, if anyone has a recipe for infused water please let me know. I want to start taking that to work!

As always I end with a little motivation:  "Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change"-Shaycarl


  1. Congrats to you and Jenea! I also do much better at work or on weekdays as compared to the weekend. Although, in a few minutes I get to go try and avoid free pastries at a meeting. One step at a time!

  2. Thank you!! and free pastries? My first thought is where is this meeting and why wasn't I invited? but reality is that we are all stronger than we think, like you said, one step at a time! If you can make that step, then you are stronger for the next!

  3. Work is so hard for me! They are always catering in yummy stuff. Since we got the new office they don't cater in as much which is great because I can eat stuff I pack from home or they stock the fridge for us with healthier options. I'm loving the new change.