Thursday, August 18, 2016

Back Again. . .

                     Now, when I say back again, I don't mean that I am starting all over, but just back to blogging. I have be doing really good. I still haven't had any soda or energy drinks. I started drinking my coffee black ( still not use to it but I am getting there.) I have ate out twice in the month and a half that I have been doing this, but both times I ordered only what I knew I could have. After feeling the way that I did when I ate the ice cream I decided that I couldn't do that again. I hated that feeling! So, I have been eating super clean, trying to drink a lot more water.

                     The only thing that I can't figure out, is that I have been doing so good, that after losing 17 pounds, the weight just stopped coming off, and even started to creep back up. Can someone please explain this to me? Another thing that I am trying to figure out is that how much protein I should be eating, and how many calories? I am just so confused on how much I should be eating to continue to lose weight. I feel like that eating right, is the hardest part. I don't know what to eat, how much to eat, when I should be eating. Like breakfast, how many times do I have to eat oatmeal? What Can I switch it up with? How often should I be exercising? What kind of exercises can I do without a gym membership? It is so over whelming that I get stressed out. When I get stressed, I get depressed and then I just want to give up. That is what would happen to me before, I would give up, and I would just continue to eat whatever I wanted. I am glad that I haven't given up yet. There has been days where I just was like, I am done. I can't take the stress anymore, but then I would tell myself that I just have to get through this feeling and remember why I am doing it. I agree 100% that motivation is what gets you started but determination is what keeps you going. I want this so bad, that I can taste it, and it tastes so sweet (not sweet as in cake or cookies sweet).

            I really missed blogging, I have thought about it every night, but when I go to start blogging, something comes up, and with the shift change at work, it has thrown me off like crazy, but like I said I am back and ready to share my emotions with anyone who is willing to read!

Final note before I leave you, PLEASE Remember to never give up, and that one moment of weakness is not worth ruining everything you have accomplished so far. We are a work in progress!

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  1. At least your weight is starting to go back down again! I really think it has everything to do with your water intake. You need to seriously increase your water intake. I know it's a daily struggle but I'm so proud of your determination to keep going. Thank you for being the example. I love you!