Sunday, July 24, 2016

Struggles. . .

           When you step on the scale and you see that you have only dropped, 6oz the struggle becomes real. I felt like I was doing a lot better than that. I started eating better at work, by avoiding all the cooked foods and eating only at the salad bar. I have found some better snacks to take like hummus and celery (thank you Judy). I found these protein bars that are supposedly really good for you (not convinced yet) that really help with my sweet cravings. My girlfriend and I were talking and we think that because yesterday we didn't eat enough calories, it hurt us. I can say that I haven't had any soda this past week, I think that I am finally over the withdrawals, because I no longer crave it.

            This coming up week I have got to get my crap together, I want to eat as clean as possible, and set a goal where I eat breakfast every morning because I usually don't and by the time lunch comes around I am so hungry that I sometimes over eat. I want to do whatever I can to make sure that I am doing what is healthy.

           I want to be honest here,   I am 26 years old and I weigh 303.2 pounds, my heaviest was 311.8, I do not want to see those numbers continue to go up. The hardest part is wanting the change to happen over night, and logically I know that it is unrealistic, but I get so upset over the fact that it felt like I become this heavy just as quick. I feel like that I have no idea what I am doing, or how to do it, that I start getting stressed out. I keep thinking to myself "is this even going to work? Am I going to lose weight doing this?" What if it doesn't and I then gain weight and have an even bigger hill to climb. It honestly scares me, especially when I am wanting it so badly. I wish there was just this book, a super simple book that told you EXACTLY what to eat, and EXACTLY what to do. I would be like okay I can do this. The only issue though is the fact that everyone is different, and if it worked for one person it doesn't mean that it is guaranteed to work for me, and trying to find what works for me is the hardest part. Do I just keep doing different things until I get it right? The frustrating part is that I was able to do all this at one point. I was at a good weight, I was running, I was working out, and I felt great, but I lost it all. I not only lost it, but I forgot it. I forgot the way to live a healthy life, and that is what sucks.

           So, here is my pledge. I am going to keep track of EVERYTHING I eat this week, and I am going to post it here, that way I can keep myself accountable. Also, I am going to prep my breakfast the night before, if I can, so that I can have plenty of time to eat it, before I have to leave. I am going to set a goal to lose at least 5 pounds this week, which is completely doable.  With all that being said, I am going to blog every night this week to help me stay focused even if it is just to go over my day and track my food.

For now, I am going to leave you with this:

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  1. Disclaimer: I've been horrible about tracking food this past month but it really does make all the difference in the world.

    I use a paid service - but a lot people love MyFitnessPal which is free. It also helps you look at not just calories but the fat/carb/protein content as well. When I'm being good with my diet I try to stick with 30% of calories come from fat, 40% from carbs, and the other 30% from protein. How many calories I eat in a day depends largely on my exercise but you can find an estimate of how many calories to eat on many different websites/apps. You definitely don't want to go too low because you will screw up your metabolism and your body will stop losing the weight - I've stupidly done this to myself a couple different times even though I know better. On my end I keep reminding myself that losing/maintaining my weight is going to be a lifetime endeavor. I would love to be at goal weight and thought I'd get there within 6 months when I first started this current round of fitness/diet and it's now over a year later and I'm still not there. But I am in a much better place than I was a year ago and that's way more important than meeting a certain number on the scale. Good luck to you this week!